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Sherry Joy facilitates powerful transformation through her unique coaching method as she guides, inspires & encourages clients on how to practice in a deeper, more joyful and fulfilling way through finding their own unique path to less stress, less pain, more ease, more joy = Optimal Wellness

We all have our own unique optimal “blueprint” of Alignment.   Discovering and embodying this brings about choices that work best for their own personal path to optimal health & happiness.

Since childhood, She’s had a fascination with with the human body & health,  the intrigue of the human mind, the power of the human spirit as well as the power and beauty of nature. When she discovered Yoga Alignment PrinciplesI found a practice and approach which honors and empowers all aspects of us;  body, mind, heart and spirit.

Sherry has an ability to skillfully weave the bio-mechanics (science) of yoga alignment principles and heart-inspiring themes (art) with clear communication & playfulness as she brings a sensitivity to the varying needs of each unique individual yoga student. Her approach to teaching & wellness coaching stems from the intention to help others to continually align with their own unique path, and to be deeply inspired about their lives; to explore their innate goodness, passion, and joy; and to feel more empowered as well as to help relieve physical/mental/emotional pain or suffering.

Her Wellness Method combines practices, techniques, tools & resources which are designed to help students connect more deeply with their own center and source of peace & joy while energizing, strengthening & opening the body, mind and heart.

Yoga, Meditation, Health Lifestyle Practices combined with Personal Alignment Coaching provide Powerful Body, Mind & Soul Transformation Now & for Life!

he is deeply grateful for all of her yoga & life teachers who have shared their inspiration, teachings & wisdom along the way.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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