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Hello & Welcome.  powerful transformation through her unique coaching method as she guides, inspires & encourages clients on how to practice in a deeper, more joyful and fulfilling way through finding their own unique path to less stress, less pain, more ease, more joy = Optimal Wellness

We each have our own Unique Optimal “Blueprint” of Alignment. Discovering, Practicing, Embodying & Bringing it to Life   Enhances Awareness & Choices that work best for Your own Personal Path to Health & Happiness.

Since childhood, I’ve had a fascination with with the human Body & Health, the Intrigue of the human mind, the Power of the Human Spirit as well as the and Beauty & Inspiration of Nature.  When I discovered Yoga (Nature’s) Alignment Principles. I found a Practice – an Approach to Life which Honors, Celebrates and Empowers All Aspects of Us.. And I jumped All In!

I Love to  Weave Together the Bio-mechanics (Science) of Yoga Alignment Principles with Heart-Inspiring Themes (Art) & Contemplation / Meditation (Mind). My Goal as a Fascilitator is to bring a Sensitivity to the Varying & Unique Needs of Each Individual Person I have the Honor to Work with.

My Wellness Method combines Practices, Techniques, Tools & Resources which are Designed to help You Connect more Deeply with Your own Center and Source of Peace & Joy while Energizing, Strengthening & Opening Your Body, Heart and Mind.

I am Forever &  Deeply Grateful for all of My Yoga & Life Teachers who have shared their Inspiration, Teachings & Wisdom with such Love & Generosity on this Journey.

Other Passions; Playing in Nature and with my Kitty Cats, Cooking for Love ONes, Singing & Strumming my Guitar,  Travelling, Exploring…


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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