encouraging harmony of the mind, body and spirit

Why do yoga?

The regular practice of yoga asanas (poses) can help improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as improving your flexibility and ease of movement. The relaxation techniques you will learn can also help to reduce chronic pain, and help you to manage stress and improve mental well being.

Your yoga instructor

I’m a Certified Mindfulness Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Lifestyle Design Coach for those READY for Powerful Mind/Body/Heart Transformation. I help people Discover their own Unique Wellness Path to pain/stress relief & to Thriving with Joy!  

Private & Group Classes

Specialized classes, courses, events and retreats designed for You

Yoga is for Every-Body!

Whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from regular yoga practice. I offer special classes for seniors and children, tailored to their unique needs.

Wellness Courses & Retreats

I offer yoga, mindfulness & wellness workshops and retreats for the ultimate self-care. Get away from it all in one of these immersive programs of movement, meditation, nature and relaxation. You will return re-energized and refreshed.

What Clients are Saying

Yoga is like water in my life..

I don’t know how I used to survive without it


Prior to practicing with Sherry Joy my yoga practice consisted of trying to make a shape with my body, not I experience, feel and enjoy each posture in every inch of my body…  When I went to the doctor for a check-up this year and she told me to take a deep breath; and for the first time in my life, I could Breath.. a deep, full, belly breath without gasping or over exerting — What a Revelation!


– Kim F.


Visual Artist & Director, Cincinnati Art Museum 



This Yoga Rocks my World

– Diane D.

Intention has changed my Life

“Pain is gone and Amazing Radiant Health is my Life Now”

– Shawn D.